Savoury Vegetarian Recipes

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Here you’ll find a variety of vegetarian recipes and dining options while travelling.

Eating together equals spending time together. Its a time when we all can be together and share each other’s stories from the day. For many of us, life can be so hectic and crazy, that we don’t get to see each other’s faces at home unless it’s breakfast or dinner. With our crazy schedule of competitive sports, I would be lying if I said that we ate dinner together every night of the week. We aim for at least 4 nights out the week to be eating at the same table. Communication is key to having any healthy relationship and when else to do it than over some food!:) We strongly believe that a family that eats together, stays together!

We are a vegetarian family. Being of East Indian origin, living a vegetarian lifestyle has actually been quite easy. Travelling as a vegetarian on the other hand can sometimes be a challenge. I highly recommend looking up restaurants before you get to your destination, especially if you are vegan or vegetarian or travelling with children. First of all, it saves you time if you make your reservations in advance and you have the chance to look up the menu before you arrive. The last thing you want on your vacation, is to not have enough vegetarian options and be forced to order cheese pizza or french fries.

We always look up restaurants on Trip Advisor and will usually make our reservations online, either directly with the restaurant or through reservation apps such a OPENTABLE. Since I appreciate the reviews I read on Trip Advisor, I always try put my reviews in as well. You can find my reviews for restaurants under my account Wandering Avocados.

Whenever we’re road tripping, the kitchenettes and family friendly hotels are convenient for breakfast and making the odd lunch or dinner. I find this to be easy to do if we’re travelling in North America. I’ll often pick up the basics for breakfast such as eggs, bread and cereals, if it isn’t included We like to be out of our rooms bright and early to maximize our vacation time . Sometimes we’ll also just pick up pasta and sauce, ready made lasagnas, or I’ll even pack some spices and basmati rice from home and prepare a quick and easy meal in our room. For the most part though, we enjoy going out. Heck, we’re on vacation!?

Many of my savoury dishes are inspired from my childhood and East Indian background, but I cook a lot more than just Indian, so my repertoire of recipes is quite diverse! I hope you enjoy the recipes and I would also love to hear whether you liked them.