Snack Ideas

Do I LOVE packing lunches? Not really. This sounds crazy, but I use to look at it as an added source of stress coming up with creative snacks and lunch ideas. To help my fellow snack and lunch packers, I thought I’d add a page to help us ALL out!  I would love to hear from YOU too! I am always open to new and creative ideas, so please message me privately or on my blog!

I usually try to incorporate at LEAST. one fruit or vegetable, one salty snack and one sweet snack. I add more snacks and protein drinks in my kids bags on days where they have activities right after school. For beverages I try to steer clear from packing juices due to their sugar content. Juices are restricted to weekends only at my house. So my kids will either get coconut water, water, a protein drink for my teenagers and once in a while I’ll pop in the odd chocolate milk as a treat!:) I don’t like to ban anything, just consume in moderation. This keeps everyone happy and healthy.

I’ll be adding to this page on a weekly basis!



Sliced strawberries, cheddar flavoured rice crackers, fruit flavoured yogurt and granola bars!



Clementines, pretzels, babybel cheddar cheese, and a nutrigrain bar!


Kiwi and blueberry fruit salad, tomato and basil rice cakes, and crumbled granola by Nature Valley.


Tossed salad with Greek dressing on the side, home baked banana and oatmeal muffin (click here for the recipe), pack of Goldfish crackers.


Chopped watermelon, beet crackers with hummus on the side ( I mixed salsa into the hummus for an added kick!) and a nutrigrain bar.


Strawberry and kiwi fruit salad, sweet potato nachos with salsa and an oatmeal bar.


Sliced peaches sprinkled with shredded coconut, seasoned chickpeas and chocolate chip chia granola bars.

Grapes, crackers with cheese (I’ve put two options, laughing cow and sliced cheese for the kid who doesn’t like the creamed cheese), and granola bars.


I hope you found this page helpful. I would love to hear from you with your snack ideas too!